Navigating the territory between intentional and unintended outcomes, the structured and the unorganised, order and randomness, Linda's painting practice is driven by her interest in investigating and gaining an understanding of the material properties and qualities of different pigments, the subtle variations in how they operate and interact. Underpinning this investigation is her interest in exploring how colour, process and materiality might be used to generate an awareness of light, movement and time within the world. Linda’s working methods are defined by a systematic approach. She presets the format and procedures for a painting at the outset and then allows chance and the environment to play a role in the outcome. Each painting unfolds as an interplay between intentional and unintended or chance events.

Linda completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts through AUT University in 2005, was awarded an AUT Research Excellence Scholarship in 2008, and graduated Master of Arts with First Class Honours in 2009. She has been a finalist in recent Wallace Art Awards and was awarded a merit in the 2011 New Zealand Painting and Printmaking Awards. Linda is a member of the Dust Art Collective, an Auckland based artist initiative. She currently teaches at Browne School of Art.